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Models! Think Shop Drawing! Think 3d! -An Integrated Workflow

Arnab Sengupta General Manager, Enterprise Solutions DowcoMax Services Different models based tool are used now-a-days in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. The model facilitates an automatic identification of the possible consequences of changes when they are first proposed, prior to their implementation in the design and planning of the project. The model utilizes available sources of project information in order to identify the impact of changes on the primary client objectives of cost,

An integrated computerized approach for the structural design office

Mr. Arnab Sengupta General Manager, Enterprise Solutions DowcoMax Services Researchers have examined building information modeling (BIM), or parametric three- dimensional computer-aided design, from a myriad of technological perspectives. Many of these studies focus on examining or enhancing the interoperability of building information modeling technologies across project networks. The findings highlight the importance of understanding and developing inter organizational work practices to reap the benefits of building information modeling. The realization of the increased functionality