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Education and philosophy are closely inter-related. Philosophy is love of knowledge and education is acquisition of knowledge. Philosophy is the corner stone of the foundation of education. Education is practical activity of philosophical thought. Without philosophy, education would be a blind effort and without education, philosophy would be crippled. Philosophy answers thousands of questions pertaining to the whole field of education.

Aims and Objectives:-

Education in every society is directed for specific aims and objectives. That aims and objectives are set by a philosophical approach. For example, the aims of an education system are to develop socially and morally sound person.

Methods and Curriculum:-

Every educational system is based upon specific teaching methodologies and the curriculum. What should be the teaching methodology? And what kind of teacher should be? And what kind of curriculum be taught to the students? All the answers are given by philosophy.

Philosophy of Education:-

There is a separate branch of philosophy which is called Philosophy Of Education. The branch investigates that what should be the nature of education? Whether the education aims be based on specific religion, social, moral, scientific bases. And how these aims can be achieved?

Education – the dynamic side of philosophy:-

Education is the dynamic side of philosophy. It is the active aspect and the practical means of realising the ideals of life. Education is a sacred necessity of life, both from the biological and sociological point of view.

The choice of students must cater to the principles and purposes of philosophy. Choice of curriculum needs philosophers or leaders of thought. With the change of time and circumstances, the curricula also changes and this change can be brought out by philosophers alone.

Education is a laboratory where philosophic theories and speculations are tested and made concrete. Education may, therefore, be rightly called applied philosophy.

A student must have a proper moral character then only he or she can accomplish the dreams not only by mere degree.

Raymont argues: philosophy is an unceasing? To discover the general truth that lies behind the particular facts, to discern also that lies behind appearances.

So, education will not have any value without philosophy.

Post Author: Arnab Sengupta