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Coming from the suburban area and accruing the profit to lead an accomplished career was never an easy task for me. The toughness was brewed with the sentiments of making a bright future was the first priority in my life.

As an engineering graduate from Jadavpur University and later on pursuing a PGDBM(Finance) degree from Symbiosis punctuated my academic career and then started my job career starting as a Technical Advisor to a company named Regal Services from November 1998 to January 2004 and then joining CANAM as a Structural Steel Detailer from 2004-2005. Playing the innings of my career I then joined as an Estimator- Steel Structure in a company called NetGuru and worked there from 2005 to January 2006. My career found another newer pasture in the form of a Group Leader in the company called Neilsoft where I worked for almost two years (2006-2008).

I have acquired a strong knowledge background of structural engineering, with outstanding skills of analysing and designing complex structures involving steel, concrete and timber. I have a thorough understanding of all global building codes and standards.

Then I again re-joined NetGuru as a Project Manager, rendering high expertise on providing production support in Time line and Quality. Here I continued my service for a year.

‘Variation is the spice of life’ as said by William Cooper is profoundly believed by me. As I have grown strength to strength and pillar to pillar in my profession.

My Self

Then came a big leap in my career as I became the General Manager of a company called DowcoMax Services India Pvt Ltd. where I worked from January 2009 to June 2011. My work here was cordially branding of product. Promotion, campaign execution, media and event management, brochure preparation, case study preparation, seminar presentation, Document preparation, CRM implementation and its Training for Marketing Campaign execution as well as various report preparation and submitting same to Management.

My work experience here gave me a zest to become the Director in a company called Lincoln Engineering Group (from 2011- present). It’s a company that renders a techno – commercial management professional with extensive experience in multiple roles in India and the USA, in the field of structural engineering KPO. I excel in managing and innovating systems and processes during the development phase of an organization, where deep insight into people and different methods, practices and technology up gradation are ventured.

Like every mortal character, I too have my strengths as well as my weaknesses.

I am a good listener. I am kindgenerous and open minded person and I strongly believe in assertive behavior. I am a passionate desirous person who believes in implementing his dreams. If my strengths are these, then my lacuna stands thus – I am a perfectionist and I can’t stand to get things wrong. Due to this I hold myself and others to unreasonable standards and also have a trouble with procrastination. At times I am stubborn and I don’t let things taken for granted.
Now I am in the process of discarding perfectionism by developing my communication skill and giving others’ views due importance.